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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  December 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> ?? >> here we go. g the trump transition continues tonight. the president-elect named some new cabinet positions today.nigo he also raised a few eyebrows ew by nominating yet another general to his team. tm. down this is one of the big stories here at 6s :3is0. o 6:3 tweet us what is on your mindsos your thoughts about that topicha and all the otht ers using #5at6:30. the trump selection of retiredei marine general john kelly toel t be secretary of homelandholand security brings the number of retired generals on hisran h national security team to three. retired army lieutenantred ar general mike flynn will serve as nationallynn security advisee retired general james mattis mat has been tapped as secretaryecea of defense but it raises the
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too many? matt colleen gopleenp strategist and a democratic demc strategist are joining us.s. thanks for being >> thank you.nk you >> critics say donald trump isal surrounding himself with way too many former what's your take on this. your >> i would agree with that. i think one of theth biggestis.t flags on all of this is thats ia he's tapping these former thesee military people to lead civilian agencies when many of m them don't have any prior any pi civil service in the federalic government and i think they'ree going to run i int to a lot of prmslems. >> sara you know i want toant t point out i was reading odi something earlier today that apparently by january 2009,uary0 that president obama hadresi appointed the same number of o high ranking officers to postsos that trump has so far. so, do we think we're kind of, o you know... are we being fair here. here. >> i think everybody when theyrw go into this role and theyis have to put together theirrheir cabinet is going to choosehoos among their friends their tir cronies their whatever and ihavi think right now what we'reghw we
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interests and he's, you know, campaigned on the sized working people but the firstople th bing he does when he has thet opportunities put his moneyiepu where his mouth is he chooses cs the wealthiest 1 percent. >> are you talking about the generals or other positions.altt >> wr tiell, i think it's mixedd we're seeing both a number of bb generals and we're seeing someio of the wealthiest people inpeopn america appointed to cabinet positions neither of these twoie categories of people really real represent what working classwhaa voters voted for when theyheth picked donald >> matt let's let you jump in. what's wrong with having three former generals as part ofenals your cabinet? cabinet? >> i don't think there'son anything wrong with it. and the'thing w agencies that t' overseeing are ones that quiteti frankly i feel very very comfortable having a general in charge of.en chargf. having general kellly in charge of homeland security makes me feel comfortablecomfore going to bed at night and a unfortunately sara has it wrong did he not endorseor either candidate during theandie presidential election and inal e that fact he said that he tt he would serve in either hillarye n
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trump's cabinet and didn't did vote for either one of them.e o. >> so, what is the fear hereearr then sara of having, you know, military officers or retireded officers in these positions? its i mean, is it that they're t bad? what's the real beefeal be here? >> well, to be clear i didn't say that either one endorsediths him but i think the real r question is why isn't there a more diverse selection ofti people? why only military and former big business interests? i think we really need to look hard at what types of peopleat t supported donald trump and are the picks really representingseg those interests. many, for example many trumpexpl supporters are real big into privacy rights seconds secon amendment rights and puttingrita people in charge of a a surveillance agency with a military background is a tricky proposition becauseec their perspective is military,it it's not necessarilyecessa protecting the privacy rights rt as many americans as possible and certain conflicts of interest so i lookrtai forward d a robust confirmation
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donald trump don't we need to de give them a chance to actuallycl see if they're confirmed how h they will eventually governor lead the teams that theyth are -- they have been b appointed to lead. >> we'll certainly see duringlye the confirmation process.tion p many of these people have controversial backgrounds. military experience which is aee good thing can be a very good thing but i think we'll see if i the hearing process what comest out and if they're really goodod enough for the positiongh f they'll be confirmedoronfirmed appropriately. >> matt we talked a little bitrt about -- sara brought of the other names here that heh have been tossed around and some of the other people that t have been appointed. appointed how do you think this is going g so far in terms of donald trump appointing people and peon choosing the best people foreopr his >> without question i thinkut trump so que far has picked whai would consider the top of the line, the justice league ofeae o cabinet i mean, if you were to ask t ask your viewers tonight can you name three people in barack peo obama's cabinet over the lasthes eight years, most peoplepl wouldn't be able to name you y those names.eames.
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just 'cause you can't name the t names on whether or not theyheth were good leaders and did their jobs well. >> i do think that youood le wtt people that know what they're t' doing in the agencies thatha they're going to run. that's one of the reasons why i think having the best andving brightest from our military milr running some of these agenciesge is great for the country and a the fact the left cannot get get over its talking points and allow the plan to put hise pl government together he did winad the election, and like i said, , the best and brightest in the military controlling t department of defense, ofense, national security and homeland n security should make people shol feel pretty good about those. >> sara you wants to respond. ro >> i think owenite little bititb broader. how about -- steve men chin.en c the first opportunities to t govern he's betraying them.ayth. >> the places we're talkingre tg
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napolitano who was governor govr but before that wasn't really into homeland security at alld i'd much rather see generalser a kelly running homelandng homel security particularly undernd the climate that we're in withti isis and all of the threats that we're under than having ana trial lawyer or a former governor.rnor >> thank you both matt cleant ce and sara for talking about this today.od. we dom appreciate it.omre >> yeah i think it's yea interesting. i think we're going to seeng t this conversation that they were talking about go backversat forth for awhile.fort i think when you start an administration especially when it's ak nwhewenon e party comio power you're going haver you're critics gon bothoi sides. sid >> absolutely. >> so it's going to beng t interesting to see.inte >>rest we shall see for speaking of criticism the backlash over bannon continues n and today a group of concernedon citizens delivered a petitionela of p signatures to members of of congress earning them to oppose and denounce steve and dn bannon's appointment to be b chief white house strategiste ho and senior counsel topns president-elect trump.idenec >> but there is a catch. fox5's tom fitzgerald has
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hey, fitz. f >> reporter: hey, guys. h, guy you want to hear a news flash. >> yes. >> reporter: it turns out that some orpeople teon ther: lt aren't that fond of stevee bannon.nn. >> really. >> wow. >> okay.>> that's a new one on me there. [laughter]au >> reporter: who knew? well, that manifested itselfit today in the form of what we wt were told was going to be the be delivery of 1 million i say that, you know, with all nodh al to 1 million petition signatures here on capitol hill from thefrt group move and some other progressive groups.ressiv. now, they showed up here and their deal was this.r they had these cardboard boxeses and, you know, later on they put those cardboard boxes together and those cardboardrd boxes were supposed to to represent a million signaturesli but here's the problem, folks.. the united states congressngs
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whether or not steve bannonannon gets into donald trump's that's not a cabinet position. o that's not one of those jobsob like secretary of defense, defse like secretary of state, liketei homeland security, like all sec those jobs youur guys were just arguing over judge now.over jud >> exactly. >> reporter: steve bannon is not one of those jobr:s s so we wanted to know why did you say s you were showing up here withe h a million signatures and yound y don't have anything tonitynity box? their explanation istion drive t let's hear what theyt'aw had to say.d to say. >> there were a million petition signatures digitallyreg online and the actual names of o all the petition signers are are stored on flash drives so weflas put together the boxes tooxes t represent all those petition signatures folks that are justks carrying them away nowt and n they'll be delivering theering e thumb drivers with all ofdr those names top senateer leadership right now >> reporter:.. >> little political theater.ther >> uh-huh. >> reporter: little bit ofter: l political theater.e bipoliticale all right.r. well, you know, while the boxes might not have beennot hae
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bannon a lot of these groups are not at very comfortable at all with wit his years at breitbart news. new he has in his words breitbartit had become the voice of the alt right movement, a lot of o progressive groups have very serious issues with the alt right movement in this countryiu and having bannon personifiedped in that is like being having a west wing job with the east thet president as his counselorelor they say sends a very strong s message to the alt right into t thishe country and they want toa frankly they know some of these things that we brought brg up, that congress doesn't haveav a role in approving steveng stee bannon but they want theiran members of congress to say something about this and be a b little more vocal than theyhan t have been in the one month now n since donald trump won the t >> but the reality is fitzs fitz even if members of congressongr say hey we don't like this, it t still doesn't matter becauseecse the president can have anybodyay he wants to be his adviser. >> to do it.o >> reporter: yeah, i don'teah,
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bannon is in that west wing onn january 20th. what they are hoping is to exert a little bit ofy arttle bo influence here that maybehaaybe somehow they can moderate theey things that steve bannon has caa been saying annndon doing over s time during the politicalolit campaign and understand that tht governing is a completelyomplety fferenent job. >> yeah, they can at leastea have their voices heard ands hen draw attention to perhaps whatever -- whatever bannon isbi saying or doing, sole in some ie way they are making ag difference there.. >> america will be watching andca wil waiting. waiting fitz thank you. >> yeah. >> reporter: take care. yeporte >> yeah, speaking of gettingpeag warm he's going to need to. it's 44 degrees out there right now, is that right? it's been a chilly wiw,nd out ii there today sue palka. pal >> it is 44 degrees and a lot al of suburban areas in the 30's,a sara and shawn feeling likelingl they're in the 20' t 20' here comes the first arcticst ai blast that we've seen, the seen, coldest air so far this seasonsa and it's going to continues tott get colder and colder tonight tg as we see this northwest wind continuing dropping those windr chills by 11 o'clock into the t
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cold start on your friday frida morning. let's give you a look atmo whatt you can expect again. aga any flurries will be confinedesw to the mountains. we had a coupliltoe t of quick c showers of rain and snow come ri through earlier todayn but nown we'll be just dealing with the clear skies and the coldol temperatures and your friday fra morning is going to start on a o real cold note. coldote. in the city 32. cy in the suburbs, 20's feeling fli even colder with those teensns around for the early morningorni with the wind chill. wind l. we're still breezy at the noon o hour with a temp of 39 degrees. by the time we get to39 deg 4 o'clock, 42 degrees tomorrow r so friday definitely one ofy de our coldest days.fiest da now the weekend the breezehe bre will get a little bit betterbi b on saturday but it's onlynl going to be about 40 we're going to watch sunday. s we believe it will cloud up a cu little bit more and latee bit sunday into monday morning mor there is going to be a frontsngt going by that could have acoulda little bit of rain or snowrno with it, maybe a little bit ofil a messy mix in the early morning north and west. monday will that eventuallyat et climb back up closer to 50 degrees which ought to feel great.hi our next colchd shot
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wednesday and thursday, maybey,y with another round of rain orain snow and the second shot oftf cold air looks even colder.olde shawn and sarah, grab thoseb th layers. >> y-indeed. >> thank you. >> for in here, too, in the sn whereell.l. >> yes. y >> thanks, sue.>> >> all right. on a much more serious note former as strewn and u.s..s. senator john glenn died today. e he was 95 years old. old he became a national hero back in 1962 when he became thewh first american toen orbit the earth.rt it was the third u.s.hi u.s astronaut in space and the spact first of t orbit. he circled the earth three thr times. glenn spent 24 years serving years servi as a democrat in the senate and briefly made a run for run r president in 1984.984. he returned to space in 1998 in9 at the age of 77 aboard spaced p shuttle discovery making him the oldest person to fly in orbit. john glenn was the last survivor of the original glenn mercury seven astronauts.
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>> only one in four want trumpe president-elect donald trumpint- to repeleaecl the affordable cae act. this is compared to 52 percentpe of republicans who say they sayy want the law completely >> cardiologist dr. kevinist dri campbell joins us via dr. campbell thanks foror joining us. >> thanks for having me.hank >> first and for most what would be the impact of repeeling obamacare. >> you know, i think right now cost sav i think we'll see better access to casement i think you're going see more doctors participating in the exchanges and you're goingoing sin t to so insurance rates go down. as you know obamacaream insurance is up. >> you're saying if it'sf i repealed that's what we'll we' see. >> i think that's what we'll see. we repeal this acts we'reep going to be able to replace ite e waabley much, much better situation. >> how would it be better bette because there are a lot ofe th folks out there that clearly are supportive of theorti
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as though they wouldn't have had access to care without it? ? what would be something betteret than that? >> well, there's couple things. thin first of all president-electle trump has said that he wantss sd to allow insurers to competeto e across state lines. when they do that, then you'rehe going to be able to shop be ab around for insurance.ce you're going have more than one choice in a particularartila state and prices will go down. w secondly he's going to also allow to us purchase drugs pharmaceuticals from canada and other reliable pharmaciesace overseas which again willgain wl lower healthcare c think ultimately you're going g to seal better access to care cr because more doctors are available, more people areple a going to be accepting better insurance. >> let me ask you when wee ask n first heard and a president-elect trump said he wanted to repeal obamacarel that meant wiping out everything but since he metmet with president obama he since he has changed his stance a his sta little bit and said he wouldld like to keep the part of to obamacare that akellows kids tok stay on their parents'aren' insurance until they're 25 andtr also the one about preexisting conditions.
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go away asyo well? >> i absolutely think both of bo those things should stay.tay. young people in their late l 20's they're building a careerar they need to be able to stayabls on their parents' insurance so they can use those funds they normally would put towards t insurance to go to school tooo t go to graduate school to build i their career and i think thosent with pre-existing conditions coi we have to leave that in placece because it's not fair that we ta don't sure people who need itwhd the most those with chronicc conditions like heart disease diabetes hypertension.erns i think that's very, veryery, >> now, let me ask you though there's some criticsle whot me o if you start taking pieces of it away, that it will bell difficult for it to thenohen operate. do you think this is really thi though a carefully stackedtacked deck of cards that if yout if start pulling things out this will mess everything up. mes >> no, i think if you look, l you know, ryan and the rest ofe the republicans in the house ith have already talked aboutt doing some of these there are some plans in theme work oarse so and i think now is matter of compromising betweenig the democrats and theatd th
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something together that togetr h actually works for america. amei you know, we can say that tha 21 million people haveeople h obamacare that wouldn't haveldn it. it. but a lot of those are functionally uninsured theyonal can't afford the deductibleslyfd have almost no choice in choe in physician so they don't usen y o their insurance anyway.r we got toin get these peoplese o cared >> all rightd dr. kevin dr. k campbell thanks so much.ll thank we appreciate yourr perspective. >> thanks for having me. >> ?? >> psi friends for company.friends for >> we've got puppies in the ududio. when it's 5 at 6:30 comes:30 coe ght t back. >> they're not even sleepy.n slp
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>> ?? >> laugh. >> so you know president bill clinton has stopped the cat and buddy the ru known has retriever. president george w. bush's petgu was barney the scottish
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portuguese water dogs bow and there are into rumored petsumors for president-elect donald trump.esid >> a lot get their dogs from doo breeders. why not rescue one. judge and murdoch who is who.ho >> judge and mr. doing.nd mr. di >> yes. >> tell us a little bit aboutusa these guys and l obviously weio know it will be a great ideawi if thell incoming first familyam would rescue a dog but tell usel a little bit about him.le bitut >> this guy is judg >> uh-huh. >> he's about six or sevens ab years old.out he came from southern virginia. he has a limp from -- he hash shrapnel in his soldier.hisoldi. there was some incidents inwa hiss so former life but he's hee now went do rehab with him.o reh so, he's getting >> it would probably be great br with a family with not a lot a l of little kids. >> yeah, older kids but he's obviously.
6:52 pm
>> perfects for president-elect trump. >> lovers just to chill. >> okay. >> a chill dog iess gooidd ovlem elet tell you that. we got a hyper crazy dog. d >> murdoch you said. >> yes, murdoch is a little bit the opposite ofis judge. jue he is a little bit more b m active. >> y-he is. >> he's about two years oldut to and he's a shepherd mix. these are foster siblings and sb they live in a home with kidsds that i think are seven andre sen nine. >> okay. o >> they're used to beingd t around children. yes, he would definitely needy e to go to a home with an activeiv family that would take him onldm lots of w dog park. >> if somebody is watchingsome right now and they're they' interested in becoming aom forever home for one of thesef guys how do they go about doing that. tha >> all they have to do isll the visit our -- [laughter] [l >> likes you. >> can you guys see murdoch right now, totally like on his back like you h gey t, ruotb mee >> [laughter] [laughter] >> all right, i'm sorry i s didn't mean to interrupt. >> no problem.>> >> how do you go about doingu ga that. >> just visit our web site att
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someone will be in touch withchw you to get you through our preapproval process. proce >> murdoch i hope somebody --omd my knee must taste really good. good >> murdoch and jump we wishdoch you guys the a best. again check them out.m o these guys would be >> we'll be right backk everybody. [laughter][laughter] >> hey.
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>> ??>> ?? >> we need some hot cocoa by burning fire. >> tudor place an historicisto georgetown house has a new exhibit that remembershithat res christmas of 1945. 15. >> yeah it's rich with war time artifacts and of course aao little holiday cheer as well.era fox5's ronica cleary stoppedy so by to check it out. o >> reporter: president truman called the christmas of 1945, one the war weary word
6:56 pm
families reunited with theirhe loved ones including here attitude door place inde door pn georgetown. let's take a look insides. i'm take here with grant curator cur attitude door place. tell us a little bit about the houselitt and the rooms inside.s >> tudor place is a verylace isr significant house actuallyctll designed by william thornton the architect who designedig capitol building. e wasca owned by they peter until 1983.3. martha peter was martha washington's granddaughter. we have a significantigfi collection of washington objects here i love the story of the christmas tree and whyhe tell me about that. >> well, in caring with ourl, i theme of home for the holidaysn in 1945 due to war timee shortages a lot of people had h to go with an artificial treeiat that year just because liveaue trees were hard to come by ce because of labor shortages for harvesting them as well as transportation difficulties to get thtieon trees to market. mar as far as ornaments on the tree we went with things that ta would have been available inave the 19 40'sbe things like brightly colored glass ball
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>> reporter: grant tell meortere about some of the rooms in the house. >> visitors can see objects related to our theme of ahendie decorations in every space ofveo the house in the servant sitting room visitor coastal storm see how the servants are preparing for the holidays. hid some of the challenges that anyone would have facedne w because products like sugar were still being rationed evenei though the war was over so you o can imagine trying to backachetb i was these christmas desertses and not having a locht of sugars to do. >> reporter: grant i'm very interested in learning about this room thoreter:ed s ialoon.. this is where the family wouldiw entertain p tell me about that. t >> the peter family loved to entertain and used public spaces in the house to entertainaces politicians. marqueeday lafayette was a laf visitor in 1824. there's a great history of entertaining at this house.aini >> reporter:ng if you're iyou' interested in seeing tudoreeing place decorated for ther the holidays there are daily tours t through new year's eve.roug we'reh sending it back to you.u >> thanks for joining ushanks jo tonight's on five at 6:30 at:30 everybody. >> all right.
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>> ?? >> ?? >> i like this song. >> ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
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>> ronda rousey is a woman out to prove something, and she just fired back at her haters. the most awesome video. >> she needs to be that same ronda rousey that thought she was invincible. >> we got brand-new video of ronda rousey training for her comeback for ufc 207, which was on december 30th, which she makes very clear by going up to her calendar in the video and circling it. >> ronda rousey should remember when she's fighting. she should not have to circle it in the calendar to remember. >> young thug went nuclear. >> he shows up late and now gives them a hard time because gives thhey're not going to hol plane for him. >> he's trying to fly to seattle where he had a concert. ended up missing the concert. >> you know what happened? he got a ride on karma airlines. >> i see what you did there! >> g.q.'s germany issue. this is the cover. the cover gets overshadowed by


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